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Kaepa NKJV Aces Challenge Sites

Coaches and Club Directors

Here are the Playing Sites and Hotel info for the Kaepa NKJV Aces Challenge 4-16 and 4-17-05. We have 150 teams entered this year. To check out teams in your age group go to

Coaches and officials, there's also a Coaches' and Officials' Party.

  • 18s: Highlands HS and Middle School N KY
  • 17s: Southwest Ohio Basketball , Sharonville, OH; (17s Lakota Sports Acad, 1 Ct Sun. only)
  • 16s: Sports Express in Mason, OH
  • 15s: Mason Community Center in Mason, OH & Lakota Sports Acad in West Chester, OH.
  • 14s: Campbell Co Middle School/Brossart HS & Better Bodies N KY
  • 13s: Southwest OH Basketball Sharonville, OH & Lakota Sports Acad. West Chester, OH
  • 12s: Scott HS & Woodland Middle School N KY

No one will change Facilities on Saturday. However 13s, 14s, 15s, and 17s could change sites depending on where you finish. The above list does state the sites are for each age group. The last matches on Sunday are scheduled for 2:00 PM. (You are Guaranteed two matches on Sunday)

*** No coolers allowed at any sites***

*See Attached Flyer for the Coaches and Officials Party on Saturday night at the host hotel*

  • KY Hotel; Holiday Inn Airport 859-371-2233 (Centrally located to all KY sites) (Host Hotel)
  • Cin Hotel: Cincinnati Mariott NE 513-459-9800 (Centrally located to all Ohio sites) 14 to 17 mins from Sharonville and West Chester sites.

Be sure and tell them you are calling for the NKJV Aces Challenge to get the special rate.

If any of these are full please let me know and I will get you some more hotel numbers.

Alternate KY Hotel; Holiday Inn Riverfront, Covington, KY 859-291-4300

We will have your first match responsibilities and directions posted on the website by 4-10-05.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you and Good luck to everyone.

Jack McElveen