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15 Hawks Win 17 Club Gold!

First place!
Kaepa Borderline 15 Hawks Win 17 Club Gold!

The Kaepa Borderline 15 Hawks won Gold at the 17 Club division of the February 27 tournament at Phillips Hall, securing their first of what they hope to be several Gold Championships this season. Read about their impressive victory in this tournament report, contributed by Marc Rosen.

PrepRecruit also picked up this story: "[...] the Borderline 15 Hawks won a 17 Club tournament hosted by the club. Setter Danessa Cutter did a fine job of running the offense and used her strong left hand for 15 kills in five matches. Kim Rosen, a 6-2 eighth grader, had 24 kills in 46 swings and is a definite player to watch now and in the future... Court Report"[]