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Each year we rely on concessions at our tournaments to offset the costs of operating our program. This year it is increasingly important that we do a good job of running the concessions stands. We have made purchases that we didn't budget for this year. For example, the money for names on the back of each jersey wasn't "in the budget".

We ask that the teams playing at sites we host concessions are willing to sign up to help run them needed. My kids do them by themselves when they are not playing. They won't ask for help! They get that from their mother! We will have sign up sheets at most venues. We would appreciate it if you would consider helping if needed. We don't expect anyone to miss watching their daughter play, or work more than an hour at a time.

We would like to have one parent from each team have a good idea of what we do at concessions. They would act as the point of contact and sort of supervise the activities of the day. We need to sell all of the pizzas we order so they don't go unsold. We need to know when we need to restock or get ice. We need volunteers from each team.


For additional information, contact Bill Zehler