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Preventing Loss of Our Facilities

We are guests at the facilities we rent for practices and competition. We are to stay in the areas we rent from Miami University and Talawanda Middle School. We use Millett Hall while other functions are taking place. We are to stay out of the arena! Miami intercollegiate athletic teams are practicing there while we are in the Sub. We are granted access to the Sub through the East Entrance while the Miami Women's Basketball team is having games. We have to enter as a group when possible and go directly to the Sub-gym during women's basketball games. We cannot afford to lose any of the facilities we use.

We are restricted to the gym only at Talawanda Middle School. There is a silent alarm system that is activated when school in not in session (Sundays and holidays). It alerts the Oxford Police to a possible break-in and they will respond. If we do not limit our access to the gym, the club will be asked to pay for a janitor for each hour of use on Sundays and holidays.

Regardless of the facility, we need to leave it cleaner than it was when we arrived. There should be no hard soled shoes on any wood surface. During winter, everyone (parents, siblings, athletes) needs to try to keep snow and salt off of the floors. Please pick up your trash! In spite of our efforts, there were still Kaepa tags and packing on the floor of the women's restroom at Phillips after pictures! I know because I was picking it up at 6:30 that evening. We can't afford to lose our facilities!

For additional information, contact Bill Zehler