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Fundraising Cards

These fundraising peeler cards, sold for $10, contain a minimum value of $100 if the buyer uses all the peelers on the card. There are 4 new fundraising peeler cards from which to choose:

card expires applicability
LaRosa's Card 10/9/05 Good at all locations except amusement parks and the zoo
Subway Card 11/1/05 Good in Oxford, Trenton, Middletown, Monroe, Franklin, Springboro, Dayton, and throughout the Miami Valley
Middletown Card 2/1/06 Good in greater Middlletown area Papa John's, Chicken Filet, Subway, Rally's, Sonic, and Yogurt restaurants
Papa John's Card 11/1/05 Good throughout Butler County, Dayton, and the Miami Valley

Each card costs $6, which can then be sold for $10 (yielding $4/card profit), and gifts are available for selling 5, 10, 15, 25, or 40 cards by the end of the fundraiser. The $6/card is due when picking the cards up. To order cards, send mail to

For additional information, contact Doug Sheldon