16 Black "Crazy Ligers" Prowl to Victory

Borderline 16 Black Crazy Ligers Prowl to Victory

Congratulation to 16 Black! On March 12th, the Crazy Ligers defeated Matchpoint to grasp the 16 Club tournament title! If you would ask 16 Black what color do they see, without hesitation, each player would respond with gold! Drive, hard work, focus, team unity, and most of all heart fuels the Ligers to victory. All 10 players were very instrumental in the team's success and can say with confidence that they gave it their all. Combining aggressive attacking, setting, serving, and frustrating opponents by not letting a ball fall, the Ligers found themselves in the middle of the competition every time! Awesome play, girls! The next tournaments for 16 Black are March 19th and 20th. By the way, what color do you see?