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15 Hawks are Solid Gold at Withrow (30 Apr 05)

Kaepa Borderline 15 Hawks
Kaepa Borderline 15 Hawks

Coming into this home tournament, the 15 Hawks had their eyes focused on one team from the two pools. That team was the Kaepa Buckeye 15 Black squad, the #2 15 Club team in the OVR, who had beaten the 15 Hawks 4 weeks earlier at Withrow Court. The Hawks wanted a second shot, but they would have to get through their pool matches first, so they had to be patient.

Up first in pool play were the Greene County VBC Crusaders. The 15 Hawks were a bit sluggish to start, as it had been three weeks since they played any tournament matches. The Hawks woke up and went on to defeat the Crusaders 25-14, 25-9. After refereeing the next match, the 15 Hawks took the court again.

Their opponent was Cap City VBC - 15 Regional McCune, out of Athens, Ohio. This match was over almost before it started. The entire match lasted only 30 minutes, with Cap City falling to the 15 Hawks 25-7, 25-10. The Hawks refereed, then rested the next two matches.

Meanwhile, on court # 1 in Pool A, Kaepa Buckeye 15 Black was winning its second match of the day as well. It was beginning to look like the showdown the Hawks wanted was going to happen.

The final pool match for the Hawks was against Lakota Sports Academy-15 Lippert. The Hawks should not rest so long between matches, because they take some warming up after the rest. The first game of the match found LSA leading most of the game, until the Hawks pulled away to win, 25-21. The second game was not the same, as the Hawks easily defeated LSA-15 Lippert by a score of 25-11.

Then it was on to gold, where Kaepa Buckeye also finished 3-0 in pool play. The Hawks watched as Kaepa Buckeye defeated Lakota Sports Academy 15 Lippert in their first round of Gold play. For their first match opponent, the 15 Hawks were matched up with a scrappy MOJO VBC 15-Black team. During the first game, the score went back and forth, each team going on short runs. However the Hawks pulled out the victory in game one, 25-21. The Hawks saw their day's goal ahead of them. They earned that re-match with KBVC by defeating MOJO in the second game with ease, 25-14.

When the Hawks last played KBVC 15 Black, they were beaten 18-25, 19-25, giving them a 2nd in Gold on April 2, their last home tournament. So they were aware coming into the championship that this was not going to be easy. There should be no mistake - KBVC should be an open level team. No one should ever confuse them with being just a "club" team. They are a talented bunch, and they are well coached.

The scores of the final match prove what kind of a battle this was: 25-22, 21-25, 15-13. Yes, the Hawks wished for the match-up, and earned it. They also earned the Gold by beating KBVC in three games.

The Hawks play next on May 21 in Columbus, at the OVR Regionals, and then again at the KIVA tournament in Louisville over the Memorial Day weekend. But it does not end there! As you may have heard, the Hawks have accepted an at-large bid offer to play at Nationals in Salt Lake City! These girls have earned this all season long, through great play, great attitudes, and hard work. So, from all the parents and fans of the 15 Hawks, we say Congratulations, Hawks!

"Ahh, you can't stop the train!" And this train's final destination is Salt Lake City, Utah. All aboard!

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