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Coach Williams' thoughts at the end of a season

At the age of 18 I received a phone call from my high school Athletic Director who asked me if I would be interested in coaching a jr. high wrestling team. That phone call changed my life. It was that simple question that made me pursue a career in teaching and start a 24 year long coaching career. I have coached a variety of sports and hundreds of athletes of all ages.

Coaching has given me an opportunity to have an impact on kids. I always tell my athletes that it's not volleyball I'm teaching them, it's lessons in life. If you work hard, be dedicated, and learn to do the little things right every single time, then you will succeed.

This article isn't to report how the 17 Hawks won a tournament, because as of yet, we haven't. What I do want to do is let my team know that it was truly a pleasure coaching them this season. As a coach, the one thing you want is a team that will work hard for you with no attitudes. I had that team this year. Practice after practice, they came, worked hard, and never had an attitude with me or each other.

I was also fortunate to have an exceptional assistant: Lauren McClune. Her eagerness to help run practices was a breath of fresh air. Thanks Lauren!

A lot of players and parents consider a season a "success" by the wins and losses they have. Again, we never won a tournament. We also never made excuses. An example that comes to mind is at one of our tournaments in Columbus we had many obstacles; we had some girls that couldn't make it (a rarity on my team), playing up in an 18s' tournament, and all of the girls driving up that morning so being tired could be a factor. Wouldn't you know it, not only did the girls that were able to make it play well, they finished 2nd in Gold. I shouldn't have been surprised. It is the kind of group I had this season. By the way, the team we lost to in the finals was Borderline 18 Red; Congrats Scott!

What a group. Even last night a bunch of them came out to watch and support my boys' team from Oak Hills. After the match, I tried to keep the two groups separated to a point. I told them both I was their coach, not E-Harmony.

So, as I prepare for the "last" two practices and our final tournament, I want to thank the parents and especially the players who for me, made this season a "success". I truly hate to see it end. I wish all of you the best of luck and stay in touch.

Coach Williams

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