Borderline Junior Volleyball Practice Schedule

Dates and Sessions

All Borderline times are Ohio time. Please check the practice schedule frequently for changes! Highlighted entries have changed since their original posting. [Hide past practices]

daydatesitetimecourt 1court 2court 3
Tuesday11/28PH6‑8pmSkills Sessions
Thursday11/30PH6‑8pmSkills Sessions
Sunday12/3PH9‑11am 14 Attack14 Hawks
  PH11am‑12:30pmSkills Sessions
  PH12:30pm‑2pmSkills Sessions
  PH2‑4pm15 Attack15 Surge 
Monday12/4PH1‑3pm16 Hawks16 Attack16 Surge
  PH3‑5pm15 Hawks15 Attack15 Surge
  PH5‑7pm13 Hawks13 Attack17 Hawks
Tuesday12/5PHTBA Skills Sessions
Thursday12/7PH6‑8pm14 Attack13 Attack16 Surge
Sunday12/10PH9am‑1pmYouth Clinic with Jesse Ortiz
  PH1‑4pmSkills Sessions  
  PH2‑4pm 13 Attack14 Attack
Monday12/11PHNoon‑2pm17 Hawks16 Hawks16 Attack
  PH2‑4pm15 Hawks15 Attack15 Surge
  PH4‑6pm 14 Hawks16 Surge
  PH6‑8pm  13 Hawks
Tuesday12/12PH6‑9pmSkills Sessions
Wednesday12/13PH5:30‑7:30pm14 Hawks15 Hawks13 Hawks
  PH7‑9pm16 Hawks17 Hawks16 Attack
Tuesday1/2MH6:00‑7:30pmSkillsYouth Passing10s‑12s
  MH7:30‑9pmSkills6 Rotation Player13s‑17s
Wednesday1/3PH5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks16 Surge15 Hawks
  PH7‑9pm16 Attack16 Hawks17 Hawks
Thursday1/4PH6‑8pm13 Attack 14 Attack
  PH7‑9pm 14 Hawks 
Friday1/5MH5:30‑7:30pm15 Hawks15 Surge 
  PH5:30‑7:30pm 13 Hawks 
  MH7‑9pm17 Hawks16 Hawks 
  PH7‑9pm16 Attack15 Attack16 Surge
Sunday1/7PH9‑11am12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs11 Lizards
  PH11am‑1pm10 Armadillos Skills
  PH12:30‑2pm Skills
  PH2‑4pm14 Attack14 Hawks13 Attack
Monday1/8PHNoon‑2pm13 Hawks13 Attack 
  PH2‑4pm17 Hawks16 Hawks16 Attack
  PH4‑6pm15 Surge15 Attack15 Hawks
  PH6‑8pm14 Attack14 Hawks16 Surge
Tuesday1/9PH6:00‑8:00pm10 Armadillos / 11 Lizards12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs
  MH6:00‑9:00pmSkills Sessions 
Wednesday1/10PH5:30‑7:30pmx13 Hawksx
  MH5:30‑7:30pm15 Hawks15 Surge 
  PH7‑9pm16 Surge16 Hawks16 Attack
  MH7‑9pm17 Hawks15 Attack 
Thursday1/11PH5:30‑7:30pm13 Attack  
  PH7‑9pm 14 Hawks14 Attack
Friday1/12MH5:30‑7:30pm15 Hawks15 Surge 
  PH5:30‑7:30pm 13 Hawks 
  MH7‑9pm17 Hawks15 Attack 
  PH7‑9pm16 Attack16 Hawks16 Surge
Monday1/15PH1‑3pm  11 Lizards
  PH3‑5pm  10 Armadillos
  PH5‑7pm 12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs
  PH9:00amOfficiating Scrimmage
  PH 16 Hawks16 Surge15 Hawks
  PH 16 Attack17 Hawks 
  PH5:30‑7:30pm10 Armadillos / 11 Lizards12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs
  PH7‑9pm13 Attack14 Hawks14 Attack
Wednesday1/17PH5:30‑7:30pmx13 Hawksx
  MH5:30‑7:30pm15 Hawks15 Attack 
  PH7‑9pm16 Surge16 Hawks16 Attack
  MH7‑9pm17 Hawks15 Surge 
Thursday1/18MH5:30‑7:30pm13 Attackx 
  PH6‑8pm12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs11 Lizards / 10 Armadillos
  MH7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday1/19PH5:30‑7:30pmx13 Hawksx
  MH5:30‑7:30pm15 Hawks15 Attack 
  PH7‑9pm16 Surge16 Hawks16 Attack
  MH7‑9pm17 Hawks15 Surge 
Sunday1/21PH9am‑11am12 Horned Frogs11 LizardsSkills
  PH11am‑1pm12 Twisters10 ArmadillosSkills
Monday1/22PH12‑2pm15 Attack13 Attack12 Horned Frogs
  PH2‑4pm14 Attack13 Hawks12 Twisters
  PH4‑6pm14 Hawks10 Armadillos11 Lizards
  PH6‑8pm16 Surge15 Surge15 Hawks
Wednesday1/24PH6‑8pm 15 Surgex
  PH7‑9pm16 Surge  
  TMS7‑9pm15 Hawks15 Attack 
Thursday1/25PH6‑8pm14 Hawks14 Attack13 Attack
Friday1/26PH6‑8pm 13 Hawks13 Attack
  PH7‑9pm17 Hawks  
  TMS7‑9pm16 Hawks16 Attack 
Sunday1/28PH9‑11am12 Horned Frogs11 Lizards 
  PH11am‑1pm12 Twisters10 Armadillos13 Attack
  PH11am‑NoonSkills or lessons  
  PHNoon‑2pmSkills or lessons  
Monday1/29PH1‑3pm12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs13 Attack
  PH3‑5pm 16 Surge14 Attack
  PH5‑7pm17 Hawks16 Hawks16 Attack
Saturday2/3PH6‑8pm12 Twisters  
Sunday2/4PH9‑11am12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs11 Lizards
  PH11am‑1pm15 Surge15 Attack10 Armadillos
  PH1‑3pm17 HawksCabin Fever
  PH3‑5pm14 Attack16 Attack15 Hawks
Monday2/5PH11am‑1pm14 Hawks13 Hawks15 Surge
  PH12:30‑2:30pm15 Attack13 Attack15 Hawks
  PH2:30‑4:30pm14 Attack16 Hawks10 Armadillos
Tuesday2/6TMS5:30‑7:30pm11 Lizards  
  TMS7‑9pm12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs 
Wednesday2/7TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks16 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm17 Hawks16 Surge 
Thursday2/8TMS5:30‑7:30pm 13 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday2/9TMS5:30‑7:30pm15 Surge15 Hawks 
  TMS7‑9pm16 Hawks15 Attack 
Sunday2/11PH Youth Officiating
Monday2/12PH12‑2pm14 Hawks14 Attack15 Hawks
  PH2‑4pmCabin Fever17 Hawks
  PH4‑6pm10 Armadillos12 Twisters15 Surge
  PH6‑8pm16 Hawks16 Attack15 Attack
Tuesday2/13TMS5:30‑7:30pm11 Lizards12 Horned Frogs 
  TMS7‑9pm13 Hawks13 Attack 
Wednesday2/14TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks16 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm17 Hawks16 Surge 
Thursday2/15TMS5:30‑7:30pm16 Surge ??13 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday2/16TMS5:30‑7:30pm15 Attack15 Hawks 
  TMS7‑9pm16 Hawks15 Surge 
Sunday2/18PH9‑11amIndividuals Skills; Minimum of 4
  PH11am‑1pm15 Hawks12 Twisters10 Armadillos
  PH1‑3pm15 SurgeCabin Fever
  PH3‑5pm15 Attack14 Hawks17 Hawks
Monday2/19PH12‑2pm13 Hawks12 Twisters 
  PH2‑4pm14 Attack11 Lizards12 Horned Frogs
  PH4‑6pm16 Hawks16 Attack16 Surge
Tuesday2/20 5:30‑7:30pmNo TMS Presidents' Day
Wednesday2/21TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks16 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm17 Hawks16 Surge 
Thursday2/22TMS5:30‑7:30pm 13 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday2/23TMS5:30‑7:30pm15 Attack15 Hawks 
  TMS7‑9pm16 Hawks15 Surge 
Sunday2/25PH9‑11am14 Attack  
  PH11am‑1pm11 Lizards14 Hawks15 Hawks
  PH1‑3pm 10 ArmadillosCabin Fever
  PH3‑5pm 17 Hawks 
  PH2‑4pm13 Attack13 Hawks 
  PH4‑6pm16 Surge17 Hawks 
Tuesday2/27TMS5:30‑7:30pm11 Lizards10 Armadillos 
  TMS7‑9pm12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs 
Wednesday2/28TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks16 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm17 Hawks16 Surge 
Thursday3/1TMS5:30‑7:30pm 13 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday3/2TMS5:30‑7:30pm15 Attack15 Hawks 
  TMS7‑9pm16 Hawks15 Surge 
Sunday3/4MH2:30‑4:30pm11 Lizards12 Horned Frogs 
Monday3/5TMS12‑2pm13 Attackx 
  MH12‑2pm12 Twisters15 Attack 
  TMS2‑4pm10 ArmadillosCabin Fever 
  MH2‑4pm17 Hawks16 Hawks 
  MH4‑6pm14 Hawks15 Hawks 
  TMS4‑6pm16 Attack15 Surge 
Tuesday3/6TMS6‑8pm11 Lizards12 Horned Frogs 
Wednesday3/7TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks16 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm17 Hawks16 Surge 
Thursday3/8TMS5:30‑7:30pm12 Twisters13 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday3/9TMS5:30‑7:30pm15 Attack15 Hawks 
  TMS7‑9pm16 Hawks15 Surge 
Sunday3/11MH10‑Noon13 Hawks  
  MH11‑1pm 15 Attack 
  MH1‑3pm14 Hawks15 Hawks 
  MH3‑5pm17 Hawks  
Monday3/12PH1‑4pmCabin Fever13 Attack
Tuesday3/13TMS5:30‑7:30pmCanceled: 11 LizardsCanceled: 12 Horned Frogs 
  TMS7‑9pm Canceled: 14 Hawks 
Wednesday3/14TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks16 Surge 
  TMS7‑9pm17 Hawks16 Attack 
Thursday3/15TMS5:30‑7:30pm12 Twisters13 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday3/16TMS5:30‑7:30pm15 Attack13 Hawks 
  PH6‑8pm15 Surge15 Hawks11 Lizards
  TMS7‑9pm16 Hawks16 Attack 
Sunday3/18PH11‑1pm  12 Horned Frogs
  PH1‑4pm10 ArmadillosCabin Fever14 Attack
  PH1‑3pm  15 Hawks
Monday3/19PH1‑3pm15 Attackxx
  PH3‑5pm16 Surge15 Surgex
  PH5‑7pm16 Hawks16 Attack17 Hawks
Tuesday3/20TMS6‑8pm10 Armadillos12 Horned Frogs 
  PH6‑8pm11 Lizards  
Wednesday3/21TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks16 Surge 
  TMS7‑9pm17 Hawks16 Attack 
Thursday3/22TMS5:30‑7:30pm12 Twisters13 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday3/23TMS5:30‑7:30pm11 Lizards13 Hawks 
  PH6‑8pm  15 Hawks
  PH7‑9pm 16 Hawks 
  TMS7‑9pm15 Surge15 Attack 
Tuesday3/27TMS5:30‑7:30pm12 Twisters13 Attack 
  PH6‑8pm11 Lizards10 Armadillos12 Horned Frogs
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Wednesday3/28TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks15 Hawks 
  TMS7‑9pm15 Attack16 Surge 
  PH7‑9pm15 Surgex 
Thursday3/29TMS5:30‑7:30pm12 Twisters13 Attack 
  PH6‑8pm11 Lizards12 Horned Frogs 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday3/30TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks15 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm15 Surge17 Hawks 
  PH7‑9pm16 Hawks16 Attack 
Tuesday4/3TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Attack10 Armadillos 
  PH6‑8pm11 Lizards  
  TMS7‑9pm14 Attack12 Horned Frogs 
Wednesday4/4TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks15 Attack 
  PH7‑9pm 16 Attack17 Hawks
  TMS7‑9pm16 Surge15 Surge 
Thursday4/5TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Attack12 Horned Frogs 
  PH6‑8pm11 Lizards  
  TMS7‑9pm14 Attack14 Hawks 
Friday4/6TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks15 Hawks 
  PH7‑9pm16 Attack16 Hawks15 Surge
  TMS7‑9pm15 Attack16 Surge 
Tuesday4/10TMS5:30‑7:30pm10 Armadillos12 Horned Frogs 
  PH6‑8pm11 LizardsSkills / Lessons
  TMS7‑9pm12 Twisters13 Attack 
Wednesday4/11TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks15 Surge 
  TMS7‑9pm16 Surge17 Hawks 
  PH7‑9pmSkills Serving
Thursday4/12TMS5:30‑7:30pm11 Lizards  
  TMS6‑7:30pm Skills / Lessons 
  TMS7:30‑9pmSkills / Lessons
Friday4/13TMS6‑7:30pmSkills / Lessons
  TMS7‑9pmSkills / Lessons
Tuesday4/17PH6‑8pm13 Attack11 Lizards10 Armadillos
Wednesday4/18PH7‑9pm16 Surge13 Hawksx
Thursday4/19PH6‑8pm14 Hawks / 14 Attack12 Twisters12 Horned Frogs / 11 Lizards
Friday4/20MH5:30‑7:30pm15 Hawks15 Attack 
  PH7‑9pm17 Hawks / 16 Hawks16 Attack15 Surge
Tuesday4/24TMS5:30‑7:30pm 10 Armadillos 
  TMS6‑8pm11 Lizards  
  TMS7‑9pm 14 Hawks 
Wednesday4/25TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Hawks15 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm16 Surge17 Hawks 
Thursday4/26TMS5:30‑7:30pm13 Attack12 Twisters 
  PH6‑8pm11 Lizards12 Horned Frogs 
  TMS7‑9pm14 Hawks14 Attack 
Friday4/27TMS5:30‑7:30pm15 Hawks13 Hawks 
  PH7‑9pm16 Hawks16 Attack 
  TMS7‑9pm 15 Surge 
Tuesday5/1PH6‑8pm10 Armadillos
 5/3 TMS7-9 PM14Attack
Friday5/4TMS7‑9pm16 Hawks, 16 Attack
Tuesday5/8PH6‑8pm10 Armadillos  
Wednesday5/9PH6‑8pm17 Hawks  
Thursday5/10PH6‑8pm13 Attack12 Twisters12 Frogs
Friday5/11TMS5:30‑7:30pm15 Attack13 Hawks 
  TMS7‑9pm15 Surge16 Surge 

Practice Sites

PHPhillips Hall, Miami University
MHMillett Assembly Hall, Miami University
TMSTalawanda Middle School
7-9 PM