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17 Hawks Go to Finals at Bluegrass Pre-Qualifier (3/13/11)

The 17 Hawks rolled at the prestigious KIVA Bluegrass Pre-Qualifier. Anticipation and anxiety was high for all players as they walked into the Expo Center in Louisville and saw college recruiters from every major university from all over the country. Duke, Maryland, Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan State, West Point... I could go on and on. They were all there because the top-talent teams with in a 700-mile radius traveled for this tournament. A dog fight was how I would describe the events of the weekend. "Never an easy point" was the statement of the day throughout the tournament. But the 17 Hawks were relentless and worked their tails off, making it to the finals on Sunday afternoon, finishing second to a solid Indiana squad. I'm so proud of this team. They have really worked hard and let go of their egos: they are playing the roles I demand of each one. This isn't easy, I am not easy, the game isn't easy, and I know at times they hear my voice in their sleep. But when the final whistles blow, and your wearing medals around your neck and bring home hardware for the club it's all worth it.

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