Borderline Youth Clinic

A Youth Volleyball Clinic for boys and girls in Grades 3-6 will be held on Saturday, December 10, 2016 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM in Phillips Hall, Miami University. The guest clinician will be Miami University Assistant Coach Jesse Ortiz, assisted by the Miami Women's Volleyball Team. The cost for participation is $20, which includes pizza and beverages. Anyone attending needs the USA Volleyball Tryout Membership Insurance or full USAV membership. Pre-registration is strongly recommended.


Please complete the following forms prior to the clinic:

Please supply the following information if you will attend our Youth Clinic. Your name will be listed on this page, and the rest of your information will be accessible only to the Borderline director and coaches.

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Would you like to play on a Borderline Juniors youth team?
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The following young athletes have registered online so far:

1.Hannah Adams
2.Josephine Arno
3.Maciah Brashear
4.Addilyn Brennan
5.Maren Bultman
6.Betsy Clippinger
7.LilyRuth Clippinger
8.Catelyn Cochran
9.Ellie Cochran
10.Cheyenne Dalton
11.Finley DelVecchio
12.Livvie Ducker
13.Kylee Fears
14.Lindsey Kober
15.Leanna Lawson
16.Lauren Loos
17.Sydney Martin
18.Whitley Metz
19.Lillian Montavon
20.Brookelyn Rice
21.Sienna Rice
22.Maddie Sackenheim
23.Katie Schwartz
24.Michael Spade
25.Preslee Trabel
26.Kayla Tyree