Borderline Coaching Staff

The Borderline Juniors staff for the 2016-2017 season includes 31 highly experienced and extensively trained coaches and staff. Representing a range of backgrounds and approaches, their credentials extend through collegiate coaching and competition, CAP II certification, and experience with successful club programs. Each of our coaches is dedicated to developing the full potential of Borderline athletes. Coaching assignments will be listed as the season takes shape.


Cross-team coaches and staff

CoachRoleTeamBorderline E‑mail Address
Clair Green-SchwartzCoach: Cabin
John SchwartzAssistant Coach: Cabin
Bill ZehlerBorderline
Kelly ZehlerApparel/

Team coaches, by team   [LIST ALPHABETICALLY]

CoachRoleTeamBorderline E‑mail Address
Clair Green-SchwartzCoach10
Amanda GollAssistant Coach10
Kaitlin ZehlerCoach11
Lynnette FlanneryCoach12
Chrissy FlanneryCoach12
Steve SteigerwaldCoach12 Horned
Amanda GollAssistant Coach12 Horned
Ruchelle DunwoodyCoach13
Tonna DitmerAssistant Coach13
Emily BourneCoach13
Jessica ConradCoach13
Lyndsey MaloneyCoach14
Tim MerschCoach14
Maris BelowAssistant Coach14
Carrie ZehlerCoach14
Heidi SchlichterCoach14
Bill ZehlerCoach15
Maris BelowAssistant Coach15
Paige HillAssistant Coach15
Kim SteigerwaldCoach15
Jo OndashAssistant Coach15
Matt SheeleyCoach15
Stacy SkrinakCoach15
Samantha StreibickCoach16
Devin MingesAssistant Coach16
Dana KraftCoach16
Taylor HamblinAssistant Coach16
Taylor DavidsonCoach16
Paige HembroughAssistant Coach16
Julie StreetCoach17
Sarah CrowderAssistant Coach17

If you'd like to help with our program, contact Bill Zehler, Club Director, at 513-726-6739 or by e-mail at