January 26 Skills Sessions

We will have the skills sessions posted for tonight. We can still accept 3 more for Setter Attack Options, one more Youth serve/SR, and several for back court skills. We will include S/SR, BR Attack/down ball in this session.

Tournament Schedule

Our Master Tournament Schedule is now posted, including links to each tournament's pools, directions, rules, and other information. Team-specific schedules appear on each team's page.

Miami University Spring Semester Starting / Skills Sessions

Miami University starts classes for the Spring semester on Monday. There will be thousands of students and their parents in town this weekend. Please be aware of this when you plan your arrival time for practices and skills sessions. Please arrive early for pictures on Sunday. Remember that everything needs to be Kaepa or generic.

There is still plenty of space in each of the skills sessions on Saturday and Monday (3 new sessions). We may be running out of extra space to host these after the next few weeks.

Practice Schedule

The practice schedule through February 1. We will give priority to the teams that have early tournaments. Super Bowl is February 1st, so we will start a little earlier and overlap a half an hour. We will supplement the time with SAQ. There will be several skills sessions announced tomorrow. We may only be able to offer skills for 2-3 more weeks.

Practice Changes:

  • 14 Blue is now at PH on Saturday, January 31 from 2-4 PM.
  • 14 Green is now at PH on Thursday, January 29 from 5:30-7:30 PM
  • 14 Black is now at PH on Wednesday, January 28 from 6-8 PM.

New Skills Sessions

New skills sessions are announced. Skills for the older teams are based on what we need to work on, based on this past weekend's scrimmages. We also have sessions for the Youth teams. We are working on sessions for Monday, January 25, also. They wil be announced soon!

There will be some changes to the practice schedule posted for next week. Our 14 Green, Black, and Blue teams will be affected. Those changes will be in yellow on the schedule.

OVR Club Director Memo: Update on Instructions for Online Training Modules

The Officiating Scrimmage went really well last weekend. We only had 1-2 members that couldn't attend. We had many new members get certified as scores and second referees. All of us came away with a better understanding of our duties as an officiating crew... and we go to scrimmage and experiment with lineups! We have a great reputation to uphold. We are known as one the best officiating programs in the OVR.

Here is the link to take the USA Volleyball modules for Junior support officials. Please log in and take these courses as they pertain to the rating you received this weekend. There is a short exam at the end of each section. We have already seen them so you should all do well on the test. You will then meet the USAV requirements. Your certifications will be updated on the OVR site as well.

Great job this weekend!

Youth Teams

We are still accepting members for our Youth teams. W need several girls for the 12 Horned Frogs (6th grade), 11 Lizards (5th Grade), and 10 Armadillos (3rd and 4th grade). We can accept boys to these teams. We have had boys participate in the past. If you know anyone at school that still wants to participate, please have them contact us.

Fees and Gear

Many of you have an installment of fees due soon. We will be at Phillips Hall (the room across from the gym) from 1‑6pm on Sunday, January 11 accepting fees. Everyone that has their fees paid up to date this weekend will receive their spandex and new volleyball shoes. There may also be other items of apparel available. Items can also be ordered at that time. Please refer to the fee schedule in the Borderline Handbook for the fee schedule.

We will be collecting fees and sizing for the Youth teams on Saturday, January 10, from 10am to noon.

Winter Weather

We are in the midst of some very treacherous winter weather. Please dress warmly in layers. We have seen girls leave practices the last two evenings with no coat or warmup pants. We aren't your parents, but we also don't want you to end up sick and miss practice.

Please make sure you do not track ice and salt into the gyms. Make sure you put your volleyball shoes on outside in the hall at Phillips. The floor at Millett Hall is brand new. Coaches, athletes, and parents need to make sure we clean up any spills, only wear volleyball shoes on the floor, and report any damage you see so we do not get blamed for it.

It's The Little Things That Matter…

Another year has come and gone, and it is now 2015. When you look back on the year that passed, what do you want to remember? We're reminded of the Borderline Mission Statement, which states:

“We, the Coaches, athletes, parents, and other members of the Kaepa Borderline Junior Volleyball Club want to share the mission of creating and supporting a program that has a profoundly positive effect on young athletes within the context of competitive volleyball: We believe our Club helps young athletes develop skills that will help them with life by teaching them to set difficult, but achievable, goals. We help our athletes achieve their goals by fostering in them and in ourselves a personal commitment to support each other and work as a team, which requires diligence, perseverance, and discipline.”

We feel that if we hold to these principles that we will not be just a “borderline” program.

As we reminisce about 2014, we don't have to go back too far to find something that makes us feel good about our mission. We participated in the Miami University Holiday Project that provides gifts to foster children in Butler and Preble Counties. These kids wouldn't have had much of a Christmas if it wasn't for the generosity of the Miami community. In addition to a small cash donation from our club, Borderline staff, coaches, athletes, and parents assisted with the project: shopping for gifts, helping carry them into the wrapping stations one Saturday morning, and coming to practice early to help wrap the gifts. It's the little things that matter….

Most of you are aware of Lauren Hill (Lawrenceburg, IN), the basketball player from Mount St. Joseph University with pediatric brain cancer. The charity that she has championed, The Cure Starts Now, has raised over $1,000,000 to help cure this disease.

Our club has many alumnae that have gone on to attend Mount St. Joseph University to play volleyball. To show our solidarity to Lauren's cause, we are adding #22 (her uniform number) to two styles of T-shirts we are selling as Spirit wear this year. To donate, you will need to include an extra $5 for each shirt you order. We realize that many of you have already ordered. To add your donation to the cause, please contact Kymn Bennett to be part of this. Our goal is to raise $500 for this cause. Remember, it's the little things that matter!

Announcements (12/26/14)

We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! We have a few announcements for you:

There are skills sessions on the website. Sorry we didn't post an announcement before Christmas! The format is a little different for these. We are limiting the number on each court to 6 girls. The sessions are next Monday and Tuesday, December 29 and 30. We are Phillips Hall each day.

There will be some activities posted for Saturday, January 3 and Monday, January 5. Practices will start back up on Tuesday, January 6th. The schedule will be very similar for all teams. There may be more 7‑9 and 5:30‑7:30 sessions during January. We have lots of times available to us. We still have a few teams we need to settle into a schedule that works for most of the team (14 Blue?). We will also have the use of Millett Hall Sub‑basement Gym (MH). Make sure you check the site of your practices before you drop the kids off! Look for the schedule soon!

We are finalizing schedules for all teams. We have received uniforms and volleyball shoes. They will be customized in the next couple of weeks. Apparel that was ordered and paid for is also being customized. Kymn Bennett will be at practices on Sunday, January 11 to answer any questions on apparel.

If we don't see you next week, have a Happy New Year!

Skills Sessions and Active Ankles

We are going to offer a few skills sessions over the break. We hope to stagger them so they do not conflict with the same schedules all of the time. Hopefully, more people can attend. We seem to be seeing the same people at every one of them. We have some very good instructors for the hitting session this Saturday, December 13. Skills do not come gift wrapped under the tree! They are developed over time with hard work.

Mr. Brooks from Brooks Sports will make Active Ankle braces available to us beginning this weekend. They are $76.99 a pair, check of cash only. They come in black and white. Please let us know if you would like to be fitted for a pair.

Miami University Parking Permit for Borderline

Miami University visitor parking permits must be displayed on dash on the driver's side. Please print a pass for each vehicle you may use to transport athletes to practice. Vehicles without passes will be ticketed by university police.

Skills Sessions and SAQ

We will start skills sessions and Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) on Monday, November 24 and Tuesday, November 25, from 6-8 PM. These sessions will include 45 minutes to an hour of SAQ and the remainder of the time will focus on a skill. The cost is $20/session. Sign up will be available at borderlinevbc.org/signup.php. You should see the sessions by Saturday, November 22.

Anyone that has completed their full membership with USA Volleyball and declared Kaepa Borderline as their club may sign up and attend. You must also register on the website. This includes anyone that is participating in our Youth programs. If you register for a session, you are responsible for the fee. Make sure you can attend before you register for a session.

Elite Sports Training: Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ)

The training program will focus on improving the athlete's speed, agility, and quickness while also working on vertical jump, strength, and balance. This program is highly recommended by coaches, for individual players looking to improve their all around game. One more benefit to being with Borderline!

Borderline Handbook 2015

Borderline Handbook

The Borderline Handbook details general information, fees and due dates, rules, grievance procedures, and much more... it's required reading for all Borderline athletes!

Kaepa Borderline Junior Volleyball Youth Programs

Borderline Junior Volleyball offers competitive teams for 10s, 11s, and 12s. The teams are classified as girls' teams, but boys may participate on any of these teams. We would gladly have boys' teams in these age groups if there was enough interest. Our goal is to accept anyone that wishes to participate. Click here for complete information and to sign up!

Miami University Facility Rules

Fundraiser Advertising

Borderline offers advertising on its website as a fundraiser for Borderline athletes. Borderline athletes may solicit sponsors to cover some or all of their Borderline Fees (see the Borderline Handbook, "Borderline Fees"). For complete information and to submit your ads, see Advertising with Borderline.

Borderline Car Decal

Borderline Car Decal

The new Borderline car decal is available to our members for $7. To get yours, contact Kymn Bennett at gear@borderlinevbc.org.

2014 Season Highlights Archived

Our 2014 season highlights have been moved to the Borderline Archives.

Borderline Academy: Take Your Game to the Next Level!

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Develop your skills through any of the following excellent opportunities!

Skills Clinic: Setter Attack Options

January 26, 2015 6:00‑8:00 pm
Phillips Hall

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Setters can get kills too!!!!!!!!! This session is where setters learn to start trying to be deceptive, putting the ball over the net when the defense is fooled. This is the first of what we hope will be several sessions on this skill.

Skills Clinic: Youth Serving

January 26, 2015 6:00‑8:00 pm
Phillips Hall

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This is the second session on Youth serving. We will also include serve receive in this session.

Skills Clinic: Back Court Skills 13s-17s

January 26, 2015 6:00‑8:00 pm
Phillips Hall

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This is the second session on this subject. We will work on defense and back court offense (BR attack and down balls).

Because we need certain minimum numbers of athletes for each session, you responsible for attending and paying the fee if you sign up.