Practice Schedule

The Practice Schedule through March 30 is posted. We do not have practices Saturday or Sunday. We only have a couple of teams that are not in tournaments. There are many factors involved in scheduling practices for the next weeks. We are approaching Easter and several schools are on break at different times. Talawanda Middle School will not be available to us the week after Easter. Teams may only have one practice or not practice at all. We will deal with each week the best that we can. Good luck this weekend!

Spirit Wear

Items of Spiritwear still available are listed in this Google document, which will be updated as items are removed from inventory. Please contact Kelly at to purchase any of these items.

Nike Accessories

We have the following items available:

  • Nike Spandex: $25
  • Nike Knee pads: $18
  • Nike Crew Socks: 3 pair/$15.00 (black only)

Contact Kelly to arrange to buy any of these items.

Borderline Victory!

Borderline 15 Surge: 1st Place Silver, 2/26/2017
Borderline 16 Attack: 1st Place Silver, 2/26/2017
Borderline 17 Hawks: 1st Place Gold, 2/19/2017
Borderline 16 Surge: 1st Place Gold, 2/12/2017

Borderline Handbook 2017

Borderline Handbook

The Borderline Handbook details general information, fees and due dates, rules, grievance procedures, and much more... it's required reading for all Borderline athletes!

Borderline Junior Volleyball Youth Programs

Borderline Junior Volleyball offers competitive teams for 10s, 11s, and 12s. The teams are classified as girls' teams, but boys may participate on any of these teams. We would gladly have boys' teams in these age groups if there was enough interest. Our goal is to accept anyone that wishes to participate. Click here for complete information and to sign up!

Miami University Facility Rules

Fundraiser Advertising

Borderline offers advertising on its website as a fundraiser for Borderline athletes. Borderline athletes may solicit sponsors to cover some or all of their Borderline Fees (see the Borderline Handbook, "Borderline Fees"). For complete information and to submit your ads, see Advertising with Borderline.

Borderline Car Decal

Borderline Car Decal

The new Borderline car decal is available to our members for $7. To get yours, contact Kelly Zehler at

2016 Season Highlights Archived

Our 2016 season highlights have been moved to the Borderline Archives.