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[July 10, 2023] Here is the list of offers for 14s. Please let us know if you can't open the file. Alternates are listed in no certain order.
Please let us know ASAP if you are declining so we can ask someone from the alternate list.
The acceptance deadline is Wednesday, November 1.

team:14 Hawks (American)
 Bill Zehler, Head Coach
Maciah Brashear, Asst. Coach
players:Aydree BurgeOffer Accepted!
 Addison FleckensteinOffer Accepted!
 Nyla GoodmanOffer Accepted!
 Payten HumeOffer Accepted!
 Delaney KumlerOffer Accepted!
 Maggie ReynoldsOffer Accepted!
 Mallory SawyersOffer Accepted!
 Ava VockeOffer Accepted!
 Sophie WilsonOffer Accepted!
 Melody SmithOffer Accepted!
team:14 Attack (Regional)
 DJ Trent, Head Coach
players:Sophia AdkinsOffer Accepted!
 Lyla BeckelhymerOffer Accepted!
 Emma BradleyOffer Accepted!
 Claire DineenOffer Accepted!
 Aubree GambrellOffer Accepted!
 Karly GrubbOffer Accepted!
 Kyla MooreOffer Accepted!
 Kayla MurphyOffer Accepted!
 Juliana SilvaOffer Accepted!
 Avery WerlingOffer Accepted!
team:14 Falcons (Regional)
 Lucy Krumholtz, Head Coach
Kiersten Williams, Asst. Coach
players:Hailee BrownOffer Accepted!
 Elise DebbinkOffer Accepted!
 Brie DreesOffer Accepted!
 Briella GarciaOffer Accepted!
 Taylor GoldmanOffer Accepted!
 Marisa HowardOffer Accepted!
 Avery KorbOffer Accepted!
 Rylee MillerOffer Accepted!
 Lyla RennickOffer Accepted!

For additional information

Please contact Bill Zehler (, 513-726-5937) if you have questions.