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Borderline COVID rules

Practices Start This Weekend. Check the schedule.

The Zehler family is mourning the loss of Bill's mother, Janice. She is being laid to rest on Thursday. We appreciate all of the prayers and best wishes. If you have questions or concerns that can't wait until Friday, please contact Ruchelle Dunwoody by phone at 513-255-0058 or email at

We have posted all initial offers for 17 Hawks, 17 Attack, 16 Hawks, 16 Attack, 15 Hawks, 15 Attack, and 15 Surge. We will update the website as offers are accepted or declined by sending an email to us. Those that accepted an offer during the early signing period should also accept the offer listed on the website. We are not asking that anyone submit fees at this time. We hope that we have a season. If we are forced to cease operations, we will refund like we did last season. Let's hope for the best!

Borderline 2020-2021 Tryouts

Tryout Offers have been posted for some teams. Acceptances or Declines are via email to Bill Zehler at Even if you have pre-committed, please send and email to to accept.

Practice Schedule

The practice schedule through December 6 is posted.

Borderline Handbook 2021

Borderline Handbook

The Borderline Handbook details general information,
fees and due dates, rules, grievance procedures, and much more...
it's required reading for all Borderline athletes!

Borderline Victory!

Borderline 17 Hawks: 2nd Place Gold, 2/3/2019
Borderline 13 Hawks: 1st Place Gold, 2/23/2019
Borderline 15 Hawks: 2nd Place Gold, 2/24/2019
Borderline 13 Hawks: 1st Place Gold, 3/2/2019
Borderline 14 Hawks: 3rd Place Gold, 4/7/2019

Fundraiser Advertising

Borderline offers advertising on its website as a fundraiser for Borderline athletes. Borderline athletes may solicit sponsors to cover some or all of their Borderline Fees (see the Borderline Handbook, "Borderline Fees"). For complete information and to submit your ads, see Advertising with Borderline.

OVR Championship Hotels

To help facilitate holding OVR Championships on select dates, the OVR is now asking for our help in documenting hotel stays during events hosted at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. For complete information, see OVR Hotel Listings.