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Acceptance Meeting TODAY

Remember to check the website for details of the meeting today. We will have uniform sizing and payment of fees. We have practice and tentative tournament schedules to share. There are skills sessions posted for sign up too. See you this afternoon!

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SportsEngine (USAV) Membership / Club Assignment

So you've attended tryouts and made a team. Congratulations!!! What next?
You'll need to upgrade your USAV membership from Tryout to FULL, if you haven't already.
Then you'll need to accept a club assignment to Borderline Juniors Volleyball Club.
Here's a link to streamline the process: Click Here

Here is a link you may send to your guests to register their vehicles for a free Miami parking permit.
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2021 NCAA Championships - Columbus - Nationwide Arena
Dec. 16 & 18

Tickets available HERE

Borderline 2021-2022 Tryout Offers

10U Offers are posted.
11U Offers are posted.
12U Offers are posted.
13U Offers are posted.
14U Offers are posted.
15U Offers are posted.
16U Offers are posted.
17U Offers are posted.
18U Offers are posted.

Practice Schedule

The practice schedule through January 16 is posted.

Borderline Handbook 2022

Borderline Handbook

The Borderline Handbook details general information,
fees and due dates, rules, grievance procedures, and much more...
it's required reading for all Borderline athletes!

Borderline Victory!

Borderline 15 Hawks: Gold Champions, 2/7/2021
Borderline 13 Hawks: 1st Place Gold, 4/18/2021

Fundraiser Advertising

Borderline offers advertising on its website as a fundraiser for Borderline athletes. Borderline athletes may solicit sponsors to cover some or all of their Borderline Fees (see the Borderline Handbook, "Borderline Fees"). For complete information and to submit your ads, see Advertising with Borderline.

OVR Championship Hotels

To help facilitate holding OVR Championships on select dates, the OVR is now asking for our help in documenting hotel stays during events hosted at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. For complete information, see OVR Hotel Listings.

Borderline Academy: Take Your Game to the Next Level!

Sign me up!

Develop your skills through any of the following excellent opportunities!

Skills Clinic: Youth Serve and Serve Receive with Bill Zehler

December 6, 2021 5:00‑7:00 pm
Miami University: Phillips Hall

Sign me up!

Bill Zehler will instruct on serving and serve receive. The float serve, jump float, and topspin jump serve will be covered. We will also work on the Brazilian float serve, the Chinese top spin, and the Japanese float serve. What are they? You will need to join us and you will find out.

Skills Clinic: Serve and Serve Receive with Bill Zehler for 13s to 18s

December 6, 2021 7:00‑9:00 pm
Miami University: Phillips Hall

Sign me up!

Bill Zehler will instruct on serving and serve receive for 13s-18s. We will work on the float serve, the jump float, and the top spin jump serve.

Because we need certain minimum numbers of athletes for each session, you responsible for attending and paying the fee if you sign up.