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Tournament Rules

We want to remind everyone of a few tournament rules that pertain to Borderline teams.

  1. Coolers of any kind are not permitted in or outside of any facility hosting an OVR event. Coolers are confiscated and the owner must remove them to their vehicle.
  2. Food is not permitted in any gymnasium on the Oxford Campus. This includes ANY food, regardless of your plans for consuming it (except for the giant lollipops we sell at concessions). It is particularly disheartening when we have to tell Borderline parents, athletes, and guests to take their food out of the facility. You should know better.
  3. Electronic devises are not permitted at the scorer's table (this includes but is not limited to I pods and cell phones). Line judges and 2nd referees are also bound by this rule. Work crews must also report promptly for their assigned duties. Everyone stays until the team is done for the day.
  4. Friends are a distraction. If you don't think so, just ask your parents! Some coaches don't permit their athletes to have friends at tournaments. The rest should!.
  5. Now that everyone is starting to have tournaments, it is a good idea to reread the handbook. Each family signed a contract stating they read and agreed to the terms in the handbook.