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Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2010 Girls' Volleyball Championships

Congratulations to Borderline's teams for their excellent performance in the OVR Girls' Championships. Complete results are as follows:

12 Twisters5th place, 12U Aluminum 
New Lebanon Red 12s2nd place, 12U Titanium 
New Lebanon White 12s5th place, 12U Tungsten 
13 White5th place, 13 Regional Plutonium 
13 Black3rd place, 13 Regional Tungsten 
13 Red3rd place, 13 Regional Bronze 
14 Red Transformers5th place, 14 American Bronze 
14 Black Attack5th place, 14 American Nickel 
14 Hawks3rd place, 14 American Silver 
14 White2nd place, 14 Regional Zincphoto
15 Hawks1st place, 15 American Silverphoto
15 Red5th place, 15 American Copper 
15 White5th place, 15 Regional Mercury 
15 Black5th place, 15 Regional Aluminum 
16 Hawks3rd place, 16 National Bronze 
16 Red3rd place, 16 American Bronze 
16 White3rd place, 16 Regional Mercury 
17 Hawks5th place, 17 American Bronze 
17 Red5th place, 17 American Copper 
18 Hawks3rd place, 18 National Silver 
18 Red2nd place, 18 Regional Platinum 

15 Hawks 1st Place Silver at the OVR Girls' Championships (5/23/10)

The Borderline 15 Hawks capped their season by taking first place in the 15 American Silver bracket at the Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2010 Girls' Volleyball Championships. [tournament report]

14 Hawks 2nd Place 14R Zinc at the OVR Girls' Championships (5/22/10)

The Borderline 14 White capped their season by taking second place in the 14 Regional Zinc bracket at the Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2010 Girls' Volleyball Championships. [tournament report]

13 Red "Lightening" Wins Silver in Kentucky (4/25/10)

The Kaepa Borderline 13 Red team traveled to Northern Kentucky on April 24th and 25th to participate in the NKJV Aces Challenge Tournament. The team started the day red hot, defeating NKJV 13-3 (25-6; 25-13) and Prodigy 13 Red (25-19; 25-20)... [tournament report]

16 Hawks Hawks Roll On and Win (4/18/10)

16 Hawks continue rolling through the 2010 season. Coach Heather got her first tournament win leading the Hawks at Withrow Court. I've always said the 16 Hawks revolve around no one person, whether the head coach or a player. We just reload and push forward. With Coach AL out of state Coach Heather stepped up, made key adjustments, and led the Hawks to victory. This is a well-oiled machine, with Heather dishing out sets to the big guns, Chole, Rebecca, Alex, Kylie, and Vanessa. These hitters just keep coming, like a shark smelling blood. But it all starts with the pass. I can't say enough on how Becca, Taylor, Jessica and Hannah keep feeding the ball up. If you can't pass you can't pound. A lot of individual first names and when it all comes together, the team name everyone knows is 16 Hawks... [tournament report]

13 Red "Lightening" Captures Gold in Middletown (3/8/10)

The Kaepa Borderline VBC 13 Red "Lightening" team had another great all around effort as they went 5-0 in matches and 10-0 in sets on Sunday, March 8th at the Bennett Recreational Center on the Miami Middletown campus. [tournament report]

15 Red Wins Silver at the Kangaroo Classic (3/21/10)

15 Red (Crash) had a hard fought day of pool play on Saturday. They ended up in the silver after losing out to a three way tie for first. They came back strong on Sunday to win the Silver Championship. [tournament report]

14 Hawks and 14 Red Transformers Place 1st and 2nd! (3/20/10)

Congratulations to the Hawks and Red Transformers on a great tournament! Both teams played well throughout the whole day. In the finals the Hawks and Transformers squared off for the first time this year... [tournament report]

16 Hawks Dominate "Nothing' But Net" (3/21/10)

It may be the big dance time in one sport, but it was Borderline 16 Hawks and Red that dominated the nets at the Nothin' But Net tournament this past weekend... We were not challenged until the finals. It was a Borderline showdown. 16 Red powered through the tournament the same way, setting up a dog fight in the finals... [tournament report]

13 White Win Silver in Dayton (3/20/10)

Team Thunder 13 White enjoyed another Silver victory in Dayton... Thunder has won 3 times at the silver level and has placed 2nd and 3rd at the Gold level... [tournament report]

12 Twisters Win at Miami (3/13/10)

The 12 Twisters won first place at Borderline's tournament at Miami University on March 13th. [tournament report]

16 Hawks Win Again (3/14/10)

The 16 Hawks struck gold again winning a Borderline 17 tournament at Phillips. This is the first time since I've been coaching to go head to head against a former Borderline alumni who played for me (Natalie Pierce) and went on to play volleyball at the University of Cincinnati. She learned a lot as a player and took another lesson as a coach... [tournament report]

15 Black Wins 2nd Gold in Jamestown (3/6/10)

15 Black came in second in Gold on March 6 at Greenview High School. [tournament report]

Hawks Win Air City Chicks – Volley For a Cure (2/21/10)

The 16 Hawks fought through a tough playoff, winning Air City Chicks 17 Under Volley for a Cure. The Hawks play solidly through pool play and found itself against a very solid Borderline 16 Red team. Jon Bennett always has his team ready and it was a dog fight from the very beginning... [tournament report]

13 Red Lightening's Teamwork Prevails in Oxford (2/20/10)

After finishing second in silver at their first tournament, the Borderline 13 Red "Lightening" team continued its winning ways and dug deep on Saturday to overcome a one-game deficit in the Gold Bracket finals. [tournament report]

16 Hawks Go Bronze at the Presidents' Cup (2/14/10)

The 16 Hawks started the 2010 season fast and furious. Placed in the toughest bracket in the 16 American tournament. The Hawks fought and played a solid tournament throughout the weekend. . You only get better when you play the best and that's what we did... [tournament report]

Kim Rosen Receives Collegiate Honors (1/29/10)

Kim Rosen

Kim Rosen (Borderline 18 Hawks 2009) was selected to the NAIA's American MidEast Conference (AMC) All Conference Team Honorable Mention, as well as the AMC All Freshman Team. She led the Shawnee State Bears with a .376 hitting percentage. On the season, she tallied 307 kills, 41 digs, 51 blocks, and 13 assists. Kim also finished tied for 1st place in the AMC in hitting percentage, and in the Top 10 in the country for all of NAIA Division 1 in hitting percentage.

16 Red Haitian Relief

The 16 Red team collected over $100 and six boxes of canned good, some shoes, and other items for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The money was donated to the American Red Cross and the other items went to Matthew 25 for shipment to Haiti. Great job 16 Red!

The new owner/managers are being very generous to our club. They have agreed to the previous arrangement, and will offer specials at our tournaments, plus provide our pizzas for the concession stands at our events. Please show your appreciation to LaRosa's this weekend by taking members of your team to the restaurant after our scrimmage. The front dining area is available for reservations of up to 30 people.

Borderline's 2010 tournaments are posted on the OVR Juniors' Tournament Schedule, and they are also available on our website: