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[July 13, 2024] Here is the list of offers for 16s. Please let us know if you can't open the file. Alternates are listed in no certain order.
Please let us know ASAP if you are declining so we can ask someone from the alternate list.
The acceptance deadline is Wednesday, July 17.

team:16 Hawks (American)
 Erika Scott, Head Coach
players:Morgan AllerOffer Accepted!
 Carlie DohertyOffer Accepted!
 Rylann MaloneOffer Accepted!
 Reese MartiniOffer Accepted!
 Randi NoeOffer pending
 Riley OehlerOffer pending
 Kaylee SharpOffer pending
 Abby ShoemakerOffer pending
 Layla SickingerOffer Accepted!
 Caris VandlandinghamOffer pending
team:16 Attack (Regional)
players:Lilian AguilarOffer Accepted!
 Maelynn BladenOffer pending
 Laila FaddenOffer pending
 Nora HaenningOffer Accepted!
 Kaylee HudsonOffer Accepted!
 Addison MelichOffer Accepted!
 Randi NoeOffer Accepted!
 Laila SmithOffer Accepted!
 Ava StoneOffer Accepted!
 Mariyah ThomasOffer Accepted!
 Kaylee SharpOffer Accepted!

For additional information

Please contact Bill Zehler (, 513-726-5937) if you have questions.